Photography That Comes to Life


High Definition Photography

A single photograph cannot be made perfect. If a photographer were to shoot a photograph to expose the couples faces, the sky will be overly bright. The right level of detail for the wedding gown may be way too much detail for grandma's face. What to do?

Enter High Definition Photography.

Through a specialized capture technique and utilizing unique software, we can deliver perfect visual information throughout the entire photograph. Now THAT'S High definition at its best.

Technical Information:

High Definition Photography is an image codec that gives a high-dynamic-range image encoding while requiring only integer operations (with no divides) for both compression and decompression. It supports monochrome, RGB, CMYK and even n-channel color representation, using up to 16-bit unsigned integer representation, or up to 32-bit fixed point or floating point representation, and also supports RGBE Radiance. It may optionally include an embedded ICC color profile, to achieve consistent color representation across multiple devices. An alpha channel may be present for transparency, and Exif and XMP metadata formats are supported. The format allows decoding part of an image, without decoding the entire image. Full decoding is also unnecessary for certain operations such as cropping, downsampling, horizontal or vertical flips, or cardinal rotations. All color representations are transformed to an internal color representation. The transformation is entirely reversible, so, by using appropriate quantizers, both lossy and lossless compression can be achieved.

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