Your day the way you want to remember it.


From eliminating blemishes to removing power lines from an otherwise perfect photo, we offer adjustments that enhance even the finest images. Our designs implement blending techniques that will amaze you and your friends without ever looking overdone or out of place. Your images will be as perfect as the memory of your day. What we can accomplish with our Photoshop mastery is nothing short of magic. Need your profile slightly slimmed? We can. A missing family member inserted into a group photo? You bet.

Professional photography is much more than a good camera. It is a lifetime of experience. Let us help.

Before & After

This photograph was taken on a busy day at the beach. Notice the people on the rocks in the background cluttering up the image. In the retouched image - Bam! - the people have been removed and special filters have been applied to enhance the overall warmth and color of the image. Now that's service.

When this photograph was taken three important people were not around to be included. This was the only chance to have the entire family in one photo since many lived in India. They contemplated kicking the missing people out of the family :) - but we saved their place in the group by adding the missing people from other images taken earlier. As you can see from before and after, the man in the black on left and two sisters on right have been added naturally to the original image.

When we arrived at this location early in the morning the bride was in tears due to unexpected construction on her favorite site. She could have sued the location, but we had a better idea. Green construction netting has been removed and lighting has been adjusted for a better tone and quality.

The bride's face has been lightly retouched and extra hair has been removed on the sides to give the finished image a more timeless and professional look.

This image was created for the couple's album cover. It is so different from the original, and looks so much better than the original, that the venue uses the image to promote their site.