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Blu-Ray DVD's

Blue Ray Wedding Video

5 times the resolution of standard DV, future-proof your memories. We shoot, edit, and deliver Blu-Ray DVD's !

Photo/Video Combo

Wedding Photography and Videography Packages

We offer outstanding value in Photography & Videography when arranged together. Find out more.


Picture 2000 has been a part of more than 2000 Bay Area Events. We are committed to preserving memories by marrying The Art of film and documentary with the Technology of cutting edge digital tools. Your special moments deserve to be filmed through the prism of Art & Emotion, not the sterile eye of techno-centered Videography. We also believe that our job is to capture your day, not create a spectacle with huge light trees, intrusive presence, or searchlights that blind your guests. We strive to become less visible so that you become more so. Arrange to see the difference. Contact us today...

High Definition Video

We Shoot HD, Edit HD, and Deliver HD on Blu-Ray High Definition DVD's ! While others are buying their first HD cameras, we have been shooting HD since 2005. 350+ events later we have mastered the art of filming, editing, and delivering content in this incredible medium.

Big Screen Presentations

Today’s tech-savvy couples utilize several cutting edge options to enhance their day. Big Screen Presentations are one of today's most intriguing and entertaining options:

After dinner, the lights dim and music fills the hall. On an elegant big-screen, usually six to ten feet in diameter and decorated with black theater draping, a photo montage is presented of the couple's lives set to music. This can be followed up by the increasing popular “love story” or “engagement video”. This is a “he said, she said” story of how the couple met, proposed, etc., accompanied by beautiful images of the couple on screen.

Some couples opt for the very dramatic “edited highlights” of the ceremony that occurred that very day, a service offered by better Videography companies. Imagine seeing fully edited highlights from the ceremony your guests just attended. Your guests are often left speechless and very moved.

In some situations, the same big screen that these beautiful presentations are shown on can be used to project the toasts and special dances, etc. This way your guests can watch events unfold live, even if they are seated on the far side of the ballroom.

Enjoy the latest in technology, you deserve the best...